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The Hip Chick brings cool and sleek fashion to the world out of its location in the village of Westlake Texas. They have gained the respect of many fashion conscious women for their ability to isolate the globes best accessories and other fine items that bring the 'wow' factor to anyone's attire. Many celebrities like the Kardashians’ sport a variety of the merchandise that has gained the stamp of approval of The Hip Chick professionals. Their categories covers just about everything a woman could need to feel confident in her ability to put together an impressive image of herself for just about any occasion.

Their being stationed out of Westlake Texas has nothing to do with their ability to reach their market on a massive scale. All the items have been strategically placed on their user-friendly website to make it easy for buyers to access their fashion expertise from anywhere in the world. They enjoy the process of helping consumers find The Hip Chick that resides within them. And they do it with a number of partners in the industry of fashion and style.

Here's a very small excerpt from the items they offer:

The Hip Chick offers an easy shopping experience by introducing you to their top designer preferences:

The Hip Chick: What makes it different?

The Hip Chick has gained a lot of media recognition for their innovative approach to fashion and style. Many magazines have produced articles on how their mission within the fashion industry has been received by celebrities and everyday deserving people who no longer have to fret over their attire. Their site provides a category specifically catering to those who like to take their fashion cues from their favorite Hollywood stars.

Not only does this enable the consumer to put together a look that corresponds with their trendsetting idols, it demystifies the burning question of how much one would need to spend to mimic an outfit or two.  The Hip Chick is dedicated to simplifying the process by making the same exact merchandise available on a global scale. All unused merchandise can be returned ten days from the initial purchase.

The following are a list of a few of the celebrities that have come to appreciate the products and services offered by The Hip Chick

The Hip Chick vs. primary competitors (sites similar to The Hip Chick)

The Hip Chick has major competition with H.I.P. and DH styles. All three establishments have dedicated professionals who are keeping their fingers on the pulse of the changes within the fashion industry. They are all working feverishly to stay ahead of what their consumers may need for every occasion they may encounter. H.I.P appears to be the most closely related rivalry to The Hip Chick because they are both catering to an economical class that are willing to invest substantially to acquire the hottest trends. has been in business since 2003 and have tapped into all the most desirable cities like Los Angeles and New York and Miami to bring forth the hottest trends available. In addition to this they have made it their top priority to choose the best with price points that are suitable for anyone. They offer a variety of shoes, accessories, swimwear and much more to help their petite and plus size constituents engage the diva that resides within them.

H.I.P. is a very popular line of clothing for small framed young girls and petite women. The line is extremely colorful and asked diversified as the lifestyles of their constituents. They offer a variety of blue jeans, tops, sequence blouses and other accessories for a laid-back sophisticated approach to fashion. At the current time their merchandise can be found at a number of Nordstrom locations and their online store.

The Hip Chick: Pricing & packages

The Cardigan is a very popular item that most women use for casual and business wear, and is why it was chosen for this comparison. The Hip Chick Cardigan's range from $67.50 and up to $364. A H. I.P Cardigan can be acquired for just $38, and DH styles offers a price point of $26.50. When viewing these items online it was very apparent that there were some significant differences in the quality of the materials.

With this in mind, one would have to take into account what type of quality they are after. The Hip Chick has merchandise that appears to have a timeless flow to them. This might be a great aspect to take under consideration when purchasing clothing; as some purchases are investments that will last for years to come.

The Hip Chick: Product images & screenshots
The Hip Chick Coupons
The Hip Chick: Customer reviews & comments

The Hip Chick is giving celebrities and magazines something they can depend on when it comes to be for ever changing trends within the fashion industry. It may not be reasonable for everyone to hire a personal stylist. However between celebrity endorsements and media outlets that encourage the operations of the hip chick, many are receiving the best of both worlds and without the economical overhead. The other added incentive comes with the different categories they offer on their site. This feature helps to ensure their patrons are able to access well known celebrities who are sporting the products that might make a great impact on their own wardrobe. View Celebrities that wear The Hip Chick here... (Celebs)

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