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Shop Sugarlips Apparel to find unbelievable deals on the latest trends in fashion. Sugarlips Apparel offers affordable prices in contemporary fashion for all types of women. Sugarlips Apparel is a leader in the fashion industry and always stays ahead of the newest styles. The latest trends at affordable prices? It does not get much better than that!

Sugarlips Apparel sells the following products:

Sugarlips offers clothing and apparel sizes for:

Sugarlips Apparel: What makes it different?
  • Sugarlips Apparel offers complimentary standard free shipping on all purchases. There is no price minimum that you are required to spend in order to receive this incredible free shipping benefit!
  • Sugarlips Apparel offers a 365-day return policy! This means that Sugarlips Apparel will give you up to an entire year to return or exchange any unwanted purchases made on their website! While most companies only offer the standard 30-day return policy, Sugarlips Apparel is dedicated to the happiness and satisfaction of the customer. Therefore, Sugarlips Apparel does not want you to keep any purchase in which you do not absolutely love!
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Sugarlips Apparel vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Sugarlips Apparel)

Sugarlips Apparel sets themselves apart from rivals such as Zara or Forever 21, by offering an entire designer section dedicated to seamless fashion pieces. The Sugarlips Apparel Seamless Collection can be similarly compared to American Apparel's collection.

Sugarlips Apparel now offers an entire section dedicated to finding the perfect SEAMLESS clothing and apparel! The Sugarlips Apparel Seamless section offers tops, tunics, bottoms, and dresses that are the perfect basics to add to your wardrobe and 100% seamless. Sugarlips Apparel offers 45+ color options for their entire seamless collection! The Sugarlips Apparel seamless collection can be worn as a dressy style, casual style, and even for athletic use! The seamless basics can be warn alone, along with other pieces, or layered! 

Even better, when you purchase 3 seamless pieces on the Sugarlips Apparel website, you immediately receive 25% off your entire purchase!

Sugarlips Apparel: Pricing & packages
Here are some examples of the average prices you will find on the Sugarlips Apparel website. As you can see, the prices on the Sugarlips Apparel website are very reasonable compared to the high end quality and styles!
Sugarlips Apparel: Product images & screenshots
Sugarlips Apparel Coupons
Sugarlips Apparel: Customer reviews & comments

One customer on stated about Sugarlips Apparel:

  • 09-20-2011: "What can I say, I just love your apparel! I heart Sugarlips!"  - This customer voted Sugarlips Apparel outstanding in categories such as shipping (which is always free), availability of the products, order tracking, on-time delivery, expectations met, and pricing affordability!  READ MORE

Another customer commended a specific tank-top purchase on the Sugarlips Apparel website:

"Honestly these tank tops are my life!! They're no comfortable and are great with or with out something over them. I was kind of questioning the one size fits all but I took a chance and got them anyway. They felt a little tight at first but you need to give them time to fit to your body. This is such a great price as well! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE!" - READ MORE

Best Available Sugarlips Apparel Coupon:
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