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Stylexchange is an online fashion store that h massive savings of up to 80%.  They promote themselves as being the ‘online fashion playground’.  They cater for both men and women, and their range of products includes the following:

Stylexchange has many known brands.  These brands include, amongst other, the following:

The site is divided into men’s and women’s categories with each product type in a separate category.  This makes the site really easy to use.  The product images and prices are clearly displayed with any saving highlighted. Login and checkout procedures are simple and the total price of the purchase and any shipping costs are clearly displayed.

Stylexchange: What makes it different?

Online fashion is one of the most competitive retail markets, meaning that each site must have differentiating features to tempt shoppers.  This site has a lot to offer.  Some of its key features include the following:

  • Free shipping- Stylexchange offers free shipping on all orders over $75.
  • Colour coded discounts- they have a unique system of highlighting offers.  Reduced items are marked with a coloured sticker.  Those with a blue sticker have 60% off, green stickers represent 70% off and items that have been marked with a red sticker are 80% below the original price.
  • Exclusive email offers-  Customers who register with the email service are eligible for further discounts that only apply to registered email customers.
  • French option- As this is a Canadian based company, there is the option to translate the website into French.
Stylexchange vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Stylexchange)

Stylexchange has many competitors.  Two of their leading rivals are ModCloth and Michael Stars.  Here is a look at how these two sites compare both positively and negatively in comparison to Stylexchange.

ModCloth Pros

  • Be the buyer- ModCloth allows customers to vote on the styles that they would like to see on the site.  
  • Free and international shipping- ModCloth have free shipping on all orders over $50 in the US and they also ship clothes internationally. 
  • Vintage clothing- ModCloth have a whole range of vintage clothing if this is the style that appeals to you.   

ModCloth Cons

  • Women only-  whereas Stylexchange caters for both men and women, ModCloth only sell clothes for women.
  • Less savings- although there is a sale section on this site, there is not the same opportunity to make savings of up to 80% liker there is on Stylexchange.
  • Fewer designers and brands- Stylexchange has a larger number of designers and brands available than ModCloth.

Michael Stars Pros

  • Maternity range- Michael Stars has a maternity range, meaning that if this is your favorite store to shop at online, you can continue to do so while pregnant.
  • Chat online- Michael Stars has a feature that allows customers to get advice on purchases by clicking on the chat online icon. 
  • Jewellery and accessories- Michael Stars has the largest range of  jewelry and accessories of the three stores being compared.

Michael Stars Cons

  • Shipping- you have to spend $150 before you are eligible for free shipping in comparison to $75 at Stylexchange.
  • Less extensive range- Michael Stars does not have the same volume of products or variety of choice as Stylexchange.
  • Women only- unlike Stylexchange, Michael Stars does not have clothing for men.
Stylexchange: Pricing & packages

Pricing at Stylexchange is extremely competitive, particularly as you can get well know brands for up to 80% less than the recommended retail price.  Comparisons can be made of the prices of tees and dresses at Stylexchange, ModCloth and Michael Stars.


Stylexchange- the most expensive tee is $115.  The least expensive is $8.  There are a total of 163 tees on this site.  

ModCloth- there is a choice of 100 tees that start in price at $12.99 and go up to $79.99.

Michael Stars-  there is a range of 78 tees which are priced between $32 and $98.


Stylexchange- if you buy one of the 108 dresses available here, they can cost as little as $11.70 or as much as $159.

ModCloth- there are a total of 1637 dresses to choose from and these range in price from $17.99 to $550.

Michael Stars-  there is a range of just 8 dresses that are priced between $44 and $158.

Stylexchange: Product images & screenshots
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Stylexchange: Customer reviews & comments

Stylexchange has many positive reviews across the internet and on many sites has achieved a five star rating.  Customers are delighted with the wide selection of clothing that is available and the prices that they have paid.  They also seem happy with the customer service that they have received.  There are also  complaints about the delivery of their goods.  Here is a sample of some of the customer feedback that they have received.  

“Nice deal. Just got a pair of Diesel jeans for $69. They're worth $200.” 

“It is unbelievably awesome! It is for men and women of all ages. Only your own limits stop you.”

Overall, reviews and customer feedback would suggest that Stylexchange is a good site to shop at.  

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