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Shop in Private is an adult store that offers intimate products that many people are too shy to shop for in person. Shop in Private also offers private advice on subjects many people are too embarrassed to talk about openly. Shop in Private offers a wide variety of unique and effective adult beauty, health and sexual products. Shop in Private sells:

Women's and men's beauty and grooming products

Products to help promote good health and cure ailments for men and women

Sex toys and products to help promote good sexual health for both men and women

Shop in Private goes well beyond the norm to ensure their customers have 100% privacy. They promise to never sell their customers' information, to ship all purchases discretely as possible, to only email when requested, and to do everything in their power to completely protect their customers privacy and personal information. 

Shop In Private: What makes it different?

There are numerous adult stores online that sell similar products to Shop in Private; however, none of them offer the beauty and grooming products or the good health and ailment remedies that Shop in Private offers. Shop in Private also differs from most its competition by having an advice area where customers can get advice on all their intimate problems.  Shop in Private also stands out from their competition by offering the highest standard of discretion and offers double layer privacy on all purchases. In addition, Shop in Private stands out from their compeition by caring for the community; they give $0.10 from every order to a local charity. 

Shop In Private vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Shop In Private)

Two of Shop in Private’s biggest competitors are Eden Fantasys and Pink Cherry

Products offered:

Shop In Private

  • Sex toys
  • Good sexual health products
  • Women's and men's beauty and grooming products
  • Products to help promote good health and cure ailments for men and women

Eden Fantasys:

  • Sex toys
  • Good sexual health products
  • Lingerie
  • Novelty and party items

Pink Cherry:

  • Sex toys
  • Good sexual health products
  • Party and novelty items


Shop in Private

  • free shipping on all orders of $50 or more
  • Double layer privacy shipping packaging
  • international shipping

Eden Fantasys

  • free shipping on order $59 or more
  • discrete shipping
  • international shipping 

Pink Cherry

  • free shipping on orders over $49
  • discrete shipping
  • Ships to USA and Canada

Payment Options:

Shop in Private

  • Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover and Paypal

Eden Fantasys

  • cheques, money orders, Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express

Pink Cherry

  • Visa, MasterCard and PayPal
Shop In Private: Pricing & packages

All three stores, Shop in Private, Eden Fantasys and Pink Cherry, offer competitive prices on all their products. On a price comparison of three products sold in all three stores, Pink Cherry had the cheapest prices on all three products. 

Jack Rabbit Vibe

  • Shop in Private: $29.99
  • Eden Fantasys: $32.99
  • Pink Cherry: $25.59

Trojan Fire and Ice 10 pack

  • Shop in Private: $9.99
  • Eden Fantasys: $14.99
  • Pink Cherry: $9.99

Wet Fun Flavors - 44ml

  • Shop in Private: $10.99
  • Eden Fantasys: $7.99
  • Pink Cherry: $7.99
Shop In Private: Product images & screenshots
Shop In Private Coupons
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Shop In Private: Customer reviews & comments

There was not a lot of customer reviews online for Shop in Private; however, the few there were, were more negative than positive. Several customers complained about not receiving their purchases and extremely poor customer service. There was also a customer complaint over unclear shipping details and not being properly informed about back-order items. Shop in Private did receive compliments for their good product prices and low shipping costs, and their good product selection. They also received compliments for their very discrete packaging and that they were true to their word about no spam or unasked for emails. 

A few customers reviews: 

  • Shop in Private for those embarrassing things you want and need. -The items were priced well and my order went through quickly and effortlessly. My order arrived quickly and discreetly and was just what I wanted………..
  • They don't follow through - I never received my package!! I paid extra for 3 to 5 days shipping, not only did it not get delivered, but Justin, who works at this company, was the rudest customer service person I have ever had the misfortune of meeting…….
  • Absolute worst customer service - I paid for 2-4 day shipping. They sent 2 of my items. I waited an extra week for the other part of my order. I then emailed with no response…….
  • So angry - I bought a product, they took my money, after a month I didn't receive anything so I wrote and email: no response……..
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