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Shop Adam to find the beautiful designs of Adam Lippes, founder and designer of the entire Shop Adam style and company. Shop Adam was inspired by the background and history of Adam Lippes with powerful family roots in contemporary art and culture. The Shop Adam style was established through innovative effortless designs for the conservative and sophisticated class. Shop Adam works to flatter the "real body type," not the typical model figures you find ll over the fashion industry. The apparel of Adam Lippes was created for every woman and man, those who come in all shapes and sizes.

Shop Adam: What makes it different?
  • Shop Adam designs are concentrated on the typical sohpisticated man and women, conservative, chic, and contemporary. Adam Lippes aims to create beauty without effort.
  • Shop Adam designs are found in over 250 department stores around the world, along with the internationally known website
  • Adam Lippes has vast experience in the design world, working for both Ralph Lauren and Oscar de la Renta. His innovative style was inspired by his history in the fashion world.
  • Shop Adam devotes an entire section of his site to basics, which Adam Lippes finds as the necessary items needed for high-end fashion looks.
Shop Adam vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Shop Adam)

Shop Adam compares to several other high end fashion designer's websites. His rivals include Theory, Rag and Bone, and Ralph Lauren.


  • Shop Adam offers both US shipping and International shipping.
  • Shop Adam offers a standard $5.00 shipping fee no matter the size of the order.


  • Shop Adam has been featured in magazines across the globe. Some of the magazines include, Shape. InStyle, Good Housekeeping, Nylon, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, WWD, Self, Allure and People Magazine.


  • Shop Adam offers new collections for every season featured on some of the best runways around the world. Adam Lippe's high end couture rivals his mentors like Ralph Lauren and Oscar de la Renta.
Shop Adam: Pricing & packages

Pricing on Shop Adam is rather high. The apparel and accessories are extremely high end and made especially for the runway. The fabrics are some of the best in the world. Also Adam Lippes uses designs and details that top any leading fashion trend.

The only negative aspect of Shop Adam is the lack of price range. Unlike designers such as Ralph Lauren, Adam Lippes has not yet established lines with more reasonable pricing. Ralph Lauren has several collections that suit all budgets.

Price examples on Shop Adam are as follows,

Shop Adam: Product images & screenshots
Shop Adam Coupons
Shop Adam: Customer reviews & comments

Customers enjoy Shop Adam's website because it is easily navigated. Each picture includes a zoom-in feature allowing you to see the vast detail that goes into each designed piece of apparel.

There has been much press for Shop Adam because of his unique fashion sense. Clients have become extremely loyal to Adam Lippes for his keen sense of contemporary fashion and eye for upcoming trends. 

One of the most popular sections on Shop Adam is the basics collection. Customers love this section because it carries every basic piece of clothing needed to complete a particular outfit. Basics are also worth spending a little extra money on because they can and will be used with almost every outfit.

Best Available Shop Adam Coupon:
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