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Perri Berri began its success in 1997 when it started delivering a remarkable collection top notch infant apparel in an Austin, Texas storefront. Eventually, in 2007 they expanded from "Oh Baby" to Perri Berri, carrying chic, environmentally friendly and celebrity coveted products to everyone. Based in Austin, Texas, their easy to follow website is separated into categories with quality brand names.

Products Available:

Exquisite brands purchased by celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Naomi Watts and Oprah:

Perri Berri: What makes it different?

Why does Perri Berri stand out above the rest? Perri Berri’s online website delivers top quality items with discounted prices. Their mission is to “exceed all expectations” and provide a unique shopping experience. Shopping online at Perri Berri is a truly “boutique” experience from easy to follow categories to finding products only discovered at resort spas and specialty establishments. They are upfront with customer relations, providing detailed information concerning phone numbers and where to be reached.They have a liberal return policy, allowing to credit back the return with original form of payment within 21 days of purchase, excluding shipping costs. Perri Berri considers a repackaging fee of 5 percent, if not in original package. The company also ships overseas, but does not pay for duty taxes imposed by the destination country. They process orders as fast as possible and use FedEx for shipping. Shipping costs start at $5.95.

Perri Berri vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Perri Berri) offers similar goods, such as Barefoot Dreams as well as other intimates and accessories. Whatshebuys also offers baby care products such as blankets and keepsakes. They are proud to ship out items the same day with no shipping costs and they offer free gift wrapping. Their website is busier than Perri Berri, but offer more items. Perri Berri offers free shipping with purchases over $100.00

Layla Grace has a remarkable collection on their website offering similar brands. They pride themselves with products that last and are worthy of the home. If looking for an heirloom or artisan item, Layla Grace has a nice selection. They will match a price found elsewhere and reduce it by 10 percent. Their customer service “boxes” online are clear and to the point with “Shop Talk” and “Quick Solutions”

Perri Berri: Pricing & packages

Perri Berri

  • Barefoot Dreams Adult Women’s Robe--$80.00
  • BlaBlaKids Bandit Racoon Doll--$46.00
  • Aden Anais Blue Star Muslin Blanket (2)--$20.00


  • Barefoot Dreams Adult Women’s Robe--$98.00
  • BlaBlaKids Bandit Racoon Doll--$52.00
  • Aden Anais Blue Star Muslin Blanket (2)--$14.00 (sale)

Layla Grace

  • Barefoot Dreams Adult Women’s Robe--$77.00
  • BlaBlaKids Bandit Racoon Doll--$48.00
  • Aden Anais Blue Star Muslin Blanket (2)--$20.00

Prices are very competitive. provides free shipping on their Barefoot Dreams robe. All companies have remarkable customer service and provide quality merchandise, but it is wise to check shipping costs when purchasing. Shipping prices start at $5.95 for flat rates.

Bottom Line

 Perri Berri keeps it simple offering the consumer environmentally friendly, longevity lasting goods with affordable prices. It is one stop shopping for the consumer looking for a wide selection of high end fragrances, baby gifts and apparel.

Perri Berri: Product images & screenshots
Perri Berri Coupons
Perri Berri: Customer reviews & comments

Feedback is mostly positive with Perri Berri. Consumers reviewed on Yelp commented,

"The clothes and jewelry are to die for"--Trish H.--Austin, Texas

Yahoo reviewer Anne states,

“One of the best for all “must haves!” Cute website and great sales.”

Another Yahoo local user admits,

“I ask for a gift certificate for every gift giving occasion.” reviewer claims,

“It’s the place to find high-end clothing, accessories for babies, kids and mom.”

Best Available Perri Berri Coupon:
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