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Naketano is a German based clothing company which produces urban sporty garments for men and women. Its potential customers are young people, mainly 20-30 years old, who want clothes which are both comfortable and fashionable. Naketano clothes really stand out of the crowd due to their vivid, playful colors, extremely comfy materials and unique designs, given that in this niche usually there aren’t that many design possibilities. Their target is in fact, to make their clothes become favourite wardrobe pieces. In addition, their website offers clients the ability to order online through a simple and intuitive user interface and they ship to most countries.
Naketano: What makes it different?
The main distinctive characteristic of Naketano is their strategy regarding the favourite piece concept. Basically, they want to make you have as your most loved piece of clothing a Naketano garment and to wear it as often as possible. In order for this to really happen, their designers make innovations and strive to achieve an original design and, at the same time to give you the best materials. By choosing playful colors, they give accents to their clothes while keeping them subtle enough. Moreover, other companies may focus on design and be a bit of a let-down in terms of wearing experience. This is not valid for Naketano as their mission is to make clothes be as comfortable as they can possibly be.
Naketano vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Naketano)
Adidas Originals is definitely a popular rival which has worldwide success. In terms of quality, Naketano is on par with Adidas. When it comes to design, taste matters the most but they both make nice garments. The Adidas Originals line has some advantages over Naketano, by being on the market for many years. Vans is another key competitor which targets almost the same customers, but it is skate oriented. Nevertheless, they have competing street fashion designs within the same price range. DC is similar to Vans (these two companies also make shoes) and offers almost the same range of clothes but their design is not as intricate as Naketano’s, standing within average designs. Naketano, by being founded only in 2004, has to prove itself against these rivals which have been on the market for a longer time.
Naketano: Pricing & packages
When it comes to pricing, Naketano is on par with its rivals:
  • tanks and T-shirts are around 35 EUR
  • longsleeved blouses 40 EUR
  • hoodies 60 EUR
  • zipped hoodies 70 EUR
  • dresses 80 EUR
  • bottoms 50 EUR
  • jackets 100 EUR
  • knits 45-75 EUR
Moreover, they have considerable sales for some products, sometimes you can buy a jacket for only 50 EUR. Shipping price varies from country to country, starting at 6 EUR for Germany and up to 40.5 EUR for USA, Canada and 55.5 EUR for India, China, Australia, Peru etc. Adidas Originals, Vans and DC have products within the same price range as Naketano, making them even more fierce rivals.
Naketano: Product images & screenshots
Naketano Coupons
Naketano: Customer reviews & comments
Customers are satisfied by Naketano’s garments as well as by the price/value ratio. Naketano clothes are known to be very comfortable and cosy. Females as delighted by the designs because the clothes are more attractive than the competitors’ while having a great feeling wearing them. Starting from 2011, Naketano introduced clothing for men. The wide variety of clothes has something to offer even if you are a very picky person with high quality demands. Overall, customers are pleased by the fact that the bright colors don’t wash away and they notice that the materials are softer than any they had had before.
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