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SEARCH Website Review & Ratings + MyShape Coupons is a unique concept that has an appeal to women who are at their wits end when shopping for clothing that not only fits properly, but looks stylish. A "Personal Shop" is custom-created to each shopper. 

Shoppers provide their measurements which allow the knowledgable staff to custom-create a virtual store that is specifically-tailored to each shopper. This, along with clothing preferences such as pant styles, necklines, shirt lengths, colors, and so on, creates the perfect store.

  • Unique shopping experience.
  • Clothing guaranteed to fit according to your body type.
  • Latest fashions geared to your personal tastes.
MyShape: What makes it different?
  • Online shopping at MyShape is convenient and reduces the carbon footprint.
  • All tools required are conveniently provided at MyShape including a measuring tape you can download and print off.
  • Having a Personal Shop created according to your specifications is totally unique.
  • There are sale items and new fashions added to the Personal Shop on a regular basis.
MyShape vs. primary competitors (sites similar to MyShape)

There are other websites out there that offer wide selections or styles of clothing in many sizes and fabrics, yet no one delivers what does. They have a “Personal Shop” in which the customer provides detailed information as to how they like to dress; this includes everything from skirt lengths, pant styles, preferable necklines and how you like certain clothes to fit. After providing this information, the customer then provides, in guaranteed privacy, 11 key measurements so that the experts at MyShape can identify the body shape and offer suggestions of clothing that will flatter the figure. The more measurements provided, the better the fit.  After this process has been completed then MyShape creates your Personal Shop so that the clothing you view online is clothing that is tailor-fit for you. As new styles and fashions arrive, MyShape automatically adds these to your Personal Shop.

MyShape: Product images & screenshots
MyShape Coupons
MyShape: Detailed review

Women who are on-the-go, or consider themselves style-challenged, or are simply fed up with clothing that does not flatter their body shape will find the look and fit they want at is a unique concept that has an appeal to women who are at their wits end when shopping for clothing that not only fits properly, but looks stylish. Shopping online at is comparable to having a personal seamstress. 

According to USA Today, back in 2006, $18 billion dollars worth of clothing was sold online, and this represents about 10% of the American domestic market; and online shopping has continued to  boom ever since. ComScore reported in May 2010 that consumers with annual incomes under $50,000 actually increased their online spending in the first quarter of 2010 by 18%. Online shopping has an allure and has captured an exclusive market.

All the tools are available online to help individuals create their own custom store and for those who are unable to get their measurements MyShape provides a downloadable measuring tape that can be printed off.

People have been commenting on their shopping experiences at MyShape and there are many satisfied customers. One woman wrote, “I've always been a happy customer, and have ordered lots of cute things from them.” Another woman writes, “Returns and exchanges are free when you shop through "my shop", with free shipping. And no tax. So it's actually a great deal compared to regular retail. I'm pleased with the company, and plan to buy more items in the future.” And most recently, a shopper commented, “I have ordered twice from this company and I think it is outstanding. What a great feeling to put on every item in the order and it fits like a glove.”

There are no doubts, MyShape is totally unique and in a category of their own. Women can only benefit from shopping at a site that offers a truly “Personal Shop.”

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