Gordmans.com Website Review & Ratings + Gordmans Coupons
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Gordmans.com Website Review & Ratings + Gordmans Coupons

Gordmans: something unexpected

You walk through the first set of doors and are greeted with a couple (very cute) lawn chairs at a price that seems like a bit of a steal. Although you don’t need lawn chairs, you start thinking that you need these lawn chairs. Get used to this feeling, because as you go through the next doors you’re about to feel this way about a lot more things.

Gordmans is store with just about a little bit of everything for your home and especially your closet. As you look around the store, the vibrant colors of the apparel and merchandise in the store begin to make your eyes happy. Then as you start to zero in on the items, the price tag makes you want to buy things you didn’t even know you wanted.

Something the Gordmans stores in my town do well, and I’m assuming they do in all their stores, is fabulous styling. How and where they place their merchandise somehow lures me in. I can’t exactly explain it. Perhaps it’s the circular set up that leads you easily from trendy teen clothes to shoes to lingerie to kitchen wares to home accents. It’s pretty much eye candy wherever you look. And because it has so much variety, it’s just a “fun” place to shop.

I can’t tell you how many times I walk in with something practical in mind to purchase like work out pants. Then I leave with a cute beaded necklace, a belt on clearance, a trendy t-shirt for my husband and oh yeah, three work-out pants.

Gordmans: What makes it different?

How is the quality? It’s pretty good. In regards to how well they hold up, I’ve never had clothes from Gordmans come apart at the seams or fall apart in any way. However, there’s a large selection of clothes I immediately ignore in the store due to the feel of its fabric. These types of fabrics hang well and loosely on the body and usually require no ironing, but not the kind I prefer.

But let’s face it. If you’re looking to buy trendy clothes, you’re not probably going to be wearing those clothes 4 or 5 years from now. That’s really where Gordmans excels. You probably won’t find the classic sweater you’ll own for the next decade here. Instead, you find 5 super cute sweaters (for the same price as that one high-quality one) that will be in your closet for the next several years. Gordmans is one of those stores that allows us frugal fashionistas a chance to expand our wardrobe without breaking our bank. 

Gordmans vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Gordmans)

Their prices are comparable to what you might find at Walmart or Kmart, but the style level at Gordmans is usually much higher than those two "box" stores.

The shoe department is a hidden treasure. First off let me warn you that compared to their ridiculously low prices on clothing, the shoes are priced more expensively than one might think. But the selection of shoes is very much on trend. While the trendy clothing styles are comparable to what you might find at Target, you’re going to find a much bigger selection of fashionable shoes at Gordmans. But while that faux satin top only costs $12, the shoes you want might run closer to $40. That’s what I paid for the cutest pair of polka-dot navy high heels I bought more than 4 years ago. They’re still holding up well today, and I still get compliments every time I wear them.

Gordmans: Pricing & packages

The store claims to give shoppers great discounts like 60% off clothes you’d find elsewhere. For example, a shirt they say would normally cost you $30 will only be $14.99 in Gordmans. While much of their jewelry ranges between $7 and $15, they always seem to have a large selection on sale so you're bound to find a few steals for around $3 or $4. For decorating your home, you're likely to pay $20-$50 for prints and posters and also about that price for vases.

I love buying gifts at Gordmans. What’s great is that I don’t need to brainstorm what I want to buy, I just need to stroll through a dozen or so aisles and I’m bound to find something: a wallet, a cute t-shirt, small kitchen gadgets that make perfect stocking stuffers. And the fact that Gordmans has greeting cards there really makes it a one-stop-shop for when you’re on the hunt for a last-minute gift. 

Because half the fun of buying from Gordmans is actually shopping in the store, I’ve never actually bought anything from them online. And there's not much reason to, either. They have only a fraction of their store option online, and hardly any clothes. However, they do have a pretty nice selection of team apparel online. There’s an incredibly sexy Wisconsin Badgers lady’s t-shirt for only $16.99 online now which I would be totally tempted to buy… if I was a sports, that is. 

And speaking of fun, every so often you’re going to find yourself playing a “how much can I save” game at the store. They sometimes have mystery cards that, like a lottery ticket, you scratch off to reveal that you’ll save 15% or 25% off… or if you’re really lucky, 50% off! This is just genius. While I only stop into Gordmans once every few months, these discount cards always seems to lure me back in within a week or at least before my discount offer expires.

Gordmans: Product images & screenshots
Gordmans Coupons
Gordmans: Customer reviews & comments

Gordmans must be doing something right. As stores around the country are closing down, Gordmans is still opening up new stores.

Online reviews pretty much mirror my own personal experiences. The prices are right and the clothes (at least mostly) are stylish. The employees are pretty helpful when you ask. There are always enough dressing rooms. Sometimes there aren't enough clerks at the check out, but the ones there are competent and pleasant. A few people have complained their online purchases weren’t shipped as quickly as they were promised. But most of the feedback on Gordmans is very positive.

So overall, Gordmans is what I’d call a “good time” for frugal shoppers who enjoy fashion. Will you end up with articles that you’ll treasure for a lifetime? Probably not. Will you take home cheap finds that give you instant gratification? Most certainly! And in this economy, that’s a win in my book.

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