Gojane.com Website Review & Ratings + GoJane Coupons
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Gojane.com Website Review & Ratings + GoJane Coupons

GoJane is an online retailer of women’s fashion and accessories. GoJane carries women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. I’ve also seen makeup on the site in the “stocking stuffers” category, but have no idea how to navigate to it from the main site.

GoJane allows for several ways to shop. You can shop by:

  • Item category such as tops or pants
  • Outfit
  • Favorites such as Winter Boot Trends and Sequins

The site currently has a coupon listed on the front page for free standard shipping on orders of over $50. They also have a Sale section where you can find items on discount from around the site.

GOjane: What makes it different?

The GoJane site has several things going for it. Some of the plusses include:

  • Free shipping on order over $50 with a coupon code.
  • Ability to shop by item type or by style
  • Ability to shop by outfit: this showcases several outfits with a single price to buy all the pieces the model is wearing.
  • The Style Insider, the GoJane fashion blog
GOjane vs. primary competitors (sites similar to GOjane)

GoJane does not have a lock on online women’s fashion, quite the opposite. Retailer Forever 21 has a web presence, as well as brick and mortar stores. While both stores cater to marginally the same crowd, Forever 21 actually includes a maternity line on the website. The Forever 21 website also offers free shipping on orders of $50 and above, as well as a charity shop whose proceeds go to different charities depending on the item purchased.

Unlike GoJane, Forever 21 does not focus exclusively on women’s fashions. There are also brands for men (21Men) and children (HTG 81 Kids) on the site.

Over all- the prices are similar, but the Forever 21 site wins out when it comes to variety, and the GoJane site wins on creative ways to shop.

GOjane: Product images & screenshots
GOjane Coupons
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GOjane: Detailed review

GoJane is an exclusively-online retailer of women’s fashion. Carrying clothing, shoes and accessories, this site caters to an older teen, and young twenties crowd.

With emphasis placed on being on-trend, the GoJane site appeals to those who like to be fashion-forward. With a fashion blog on the site that includes suggestions, the company does its best to help buyers stay on the cutting edge of fashion while selling them clothes from their site.  

One of my favorite things about GoJane is the ability to shop in so many different ways. You can shop for clothing and accessories by:

  • Item category such as tops or pants
  • Outfit, seeing one price for everything the model is wearing
  • Favorites such as Winter Boot Trends and Sequins

Customers had mixed reviews on the GoJane shopping experience. Reviews on Yelp were low, getting 2 out of 5 stars. On yelp customer had a negative review of her shopping experience.

i would never do business with http://gojane.com again! the shoes we ordered for my daughter did not fit. we had to pay shipping to send them back, then they refunded me what they said was the "value of the item" which was less than i just paid them for the shoes. it think their little scam stinks, and i will tell all my friends to stay away from this site.” –Lawrence P.

 Another customer wrote a positive review of GoJane for her blog.

I didn't get a chance to steam the top before the picture, so it's a little wrinkly from shipping, but it's so cute! It's a light weight fabric, the asymmetrical cut is perfect for my body shape and doesn't cut too lowon my chest and the draping is gorgeous in person! This dress is so cute on, these pictures really don't do it justice. As for the skirt, I was kind of woried about the sequins because sequins in general are iffy, but I'm so happy with it!! The sequins lie flat, and they're mostly silver, but has some gold ones thrown in for added sparkle and depth. The dress also has a lining on the bottom so it's really comfortable. The dress is definitely on the shorter side so even though it won't make it to any family events, it will be making rounds to several parties!

Go Jane is always my go-to site for outfits because they have a great selection, all their items are on trend, and their prices are totally reasonable. Plus, the site is always being updated with new items. I have to give kudos to their customer service department because as soon as an order is ordered and shipped you receive and email, their service hotline has REAL LIVE people to talk to, and you receive the order quickly. That really means a lot to me because I do a lot of shopping online and I like knowing I can trust Go Jane with great customer service and products.

Have you ever ordered from Go Jane before? What was your experience?” –Miss K

As you can see, customer sentiment about the site was mixed at best.

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