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For many people, a decision to buy something is not always based on price. If you take the environment and society into consideration before making a purchase, then Ethical Ocean may be the online marketplace for you.

In order to sell a product On Ethical Ocean, it must qualify under one of three designations. It must either be good for people, good for animals or good for the environment. So, not only you get to buy a quality product, you can also support companies that represent what you feel is important.

Ethical Ocean does not just list the products; they also tell you the story. That way, you know not only what the product is, but also where it comes from and how the product impacts the world. In some cases there may be third-party certifications.

Ethical Ocean is an online marketplace. Although you're buying from individual sellers, the purchases made through Ethical Ocean's checkout system.

Ethical Ocean: What makes it different?

Ethical Ocean sells a wide variety of products including fashion, beauty and health kids and babies products, electronics, home and garden, food and drink and much more. There are thousands of items listed in their marketplace and as more sellers sign up that number will of course increase.

This includes:

  • Organic Vegan Chocolate Truffles
  • Kaia House Organic Baby Creme
  • Organic Chef Roasted Garlic & Onion Extra Virgin Olive Oils
  • Eclipse Solar Backpack
  • Vapur Foldable, Reusable Water Bottle
  • Litterless Lunch - Daisy Insulated Lunch Tote
  • Easy-to-Grow Mushroom Garden.
  • Know Better Pet Food's Homemade Dog Food Products
  • Loft Wool Fill Pillows by HOM
  • and more.

All of the sellers have their own pages which lists all of their products and some basic information about their company. That way you can get to know who you’re buying from. This is important since building an ethical shopping community helps ensure that people feel confident in the sellers and in Ethical Ocean.

Ethical Ocean vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Ethical Ocean)

Etsy is another online marketplace. Although they also have many ethical sellers on their site, they have no rules or designations that can assist you in knowing which sellers are ethical. Many sellers do list if their product is organic, fair trade or animal cruelty free. Just as with Ethical Ocean, you need to trust the seller. The main difference would be that if a seller is found not to follow the ethical code listed on Ethical Ocean is products would be removed.

eBay is the largest online marketplace. They have many items that are ethical but it’s really hard to find unless you know what you’re looking for. If you don’t have a specific item in mind you’ll find it difficult to do ethical shopping on this site. The only way to make it a little easier is to find ethical eBay stores. The main benefit of eBay is the price, you can often find items for less, but for some you may need to wait days for the auction to end or may not win the item you bid on.

Most of the ethical online stores are in the United Kingdom, most do not ship to the US.

Ethical Ocean: Pricing & packages

Ethical Ocean is an online marketplace, similar to eBay or Etsy. Since this is an online marketplace prices vary depending on the item you're buying and the seller you're buying from. For example, there are shoes that are under $40, and some over $200. For most of the health and beauty, and food and drink items, the prices are comparable to what you'd find at your local health food or specialty shop. The price of apparel is similar to what you'd see at most department stores. Of course some prices are lower, it all depends on the seller. 

Ethical Ocean: Product images & screenshots
Ethical Ocean Coupons
Ethical Ocean: Customer reviews & comments

One complaint is that it’s hard to find things by price or rating such as those used on other marketplace sites. Since the purpose of this site is to offer people the chance to buy ethical products, that's the only option available when sorting the products within a given category. So, if you are looking for a women's dress, when you reach that section, you are not able to search by price, size or color. This can make it difficult in categories which have many items.

Another issue that arises is when you have a problem with a sale. Since the product is sent through the seller, Ethical Ocean wants you to speak to the seller first. If you cannot make an arrangement with the seller that is satisfactory to you, then Ethical Ocean will assist in some type of resolution. This is similar to other marketplace sites, like eBay. 

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