Editorscloset.com Website Review & Ratings + Editor's Closet Coupons
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Editorscloset.com Website Review & Ratings + Editor's Closet Coupons

The Editor's Closet is a site that is for member's only.  You have to sign up for a membership in order to shop at the Editor's Choice.  This is a high end fashion based clothing store.  Most of the clothing that you will find is for those consumers who aren't afraid to spend a few bucks on a single item.  You will find a lot of fashion designers available that typically are only found in stores that specialize in courture. 

The Editor's Closet specializes in daily sales for the designer goods that it does sell.  You will find clothing and accessories from many of the top named fashion designers from around the world.

  • Clothing and accessories on sale from Ysves St. Laurent
  • Membership needed in order to shop for these top fashions
  • Jewelry sales featuring Dolce & Gabanna, Invicta, Tiffany & Co., Stella McCartney and many more

The Editor's Closet only deals in sales on a daily to 3 day sale basis.  So being a member is high importance if you wish to get in on some of the best deals possible on fashion.

Editor's Closet: What makes it different?

The Editor's Closet is helping to give you the best deals possible on many luxury items.  If you live away from the big city, this is a great way to find things you may want and get great deals on them in the comfort of your own home. 

  • Exclusive sales on many high fashion name brands
  • The luxury and ability to shop from home
  • Available all over the country
Editor's Closet vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Editor's Closet)

Beyond the Rack is another company similar to The Editor's Closet.  They also work in luxury sales.  You must be a member in order to view the items that Beyond the Rack has for sale as well.  However, Beyond the Rack takes their sales one step further, they break out the merchandise in different catergories for easier shopping, especially for those looking for a particular item, this helps to save time. 

Beyond the Rack also features more items per sale.  They give you a calendar to view when certain sales will be taking place.  This is helpful if you are looking for a particular item by a particular designer and don't want to wait for what the Editor's Closet may or may not have.

The Editor's Closet does give you decent pricing on some jewelry and accessories, however this being said you are still looking to pay any where from $25.00 and up.  With Beyond the Rack, their pricing is a bit more reasonable.  If you like high end and are wanting to still save a bit more, your best bet would be to shop at Beyond the Rack over Editor's Closet.  However, if a new sale does excite you and you aren't worried about the cost, by all means, have fun and shop both.

Editor's Closet: Product images & screenshots
Editor's Closet Coupons
Get 10% Off on Order @ Editor's Closet
Editor's Closet: Detailed review

The Editor's Closet is not for the casual shopper who is looking for a great bargain.  The Editor's Closet is an exclusive place for the fashion conscious, those making sure that they have the top name brand items available.  This is also the site for those who want everyone to know they know fashion designers. 

The membership to Editor's Closet is a free sign up.  You are sent notices on a daily basis to let you know what sales are going on.  You can either click on the link that will take you to the website or simply go directly to Editor's Closet and sign in.  You are then swept to the home page that will give you information on the current sales going on.  Typically you will find 3 different sales going on in a single day.  Some will be exclusive to one desinger, where as there will be others like a "jewelry" sale that will feature more than one designer. 

Prices will vary of course on the item.  For example you may find a Yves Saint Laurent hand bag that you have wanted for quite some time that costs over $3,000, however, through Editor's Closet, on sale you are able to get that same hand bag on sale for around $1,999. 

  • Editor's Closet for the Fashion Conscious
  • Member's only Site- Free Sign up
  • More than one sale found per day
  • Sales may last as long as 72 hours

In addtion by being a member, you are given additional savings on shipping as well.  The Editor's Closet sells luxury.  So remember if this is something you are looking for The Editor's Choice may have what you are looking for.

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Comments (3)

Thanks for the great review on this site. I visited the website...they do indeed have some fabulous merchandise. I was tempted to buy a pair of shoes, but they didn't have my size (probably a good thing, because they were still $260 on sale).


Buyer beware of Editor's Closet. Scam. They sell defective merchandise and then customer service gives you run around. AVOID THIS SITE!


Buyer beware of Editor's Closet. Scam. They sell defective merchandise and then customer service gives you run around. AVOID THIS SITE!

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