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Department stores don't interest you anymore with their rows and rows of cookie cutter fashions, overcrowded fitting rooms and long lines at the checkout counter. The coupon you clipped from yesterday's paper lies forgotten on top of your dresser and your favorite fashion venue is miles across town.  Wouldn't it be easier to shop from the comfort and safety of your own home? Chick Downtown offers you just that - carefree and relaxing shopping from your PC or laptop.

Chick Downtown features a variety of fun, easy-to-wear and fashionable styles that will delight your fashion senses.  Although at first inspection,  the products featured seem to be all about women's styles, the site offers so much more including: 

  • men's fashions
  • children's clothing
  • shoes for the entire family
  • a brand-new decor section
  • separate watch, sunglasses, and handbags sections
  • "Downtown Deal" - sales on select items
  • other savings of up to 85% off

Chick Downtown is easy and convenient to navigate and offers one-stop shopping for everyone in your household. 

Chick Downtown: What makes it different?

What makes Chick Downtown even more appealing to online shoppers is the:

  • number of designers featured.  Most of the clothing items offered are categorized by designer including Coach, Juicy Couture, Chloe, Calvin Klein, 7 For All Mankind and Manola Blahnik
  • guarantee that all namebrands are the genuine items - no knockoffs allowed! 
  • free ground shipping with second day shipping available at $5
  • the featured offerings in separate categories of watches, handbags and sunglasses. Not being lumped in an accessories category makes it so much easy to shop for exactly what you want or need 
  • huge discounts making pricey fashions fall more within your budget range
  • organized by alphabetical lists of designers so you can find your favorites quickly and easily 
Chick Downtown vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Chick Downtown)

Rivals of Chick Downtown include HauteLook and Ideeli.

HauteLook shares the following qualities of Chick Downtown.  It offers the same categories of men's, women's and children's clothing and shoes, decor items, and jewelry.  What makes HauteLook an inviting site is:

  • the number of namebrand goods available.  HauteLook represents hundreds of companies such as Absorba, Jones of New York, Calvin Klein, StriVectin and Bally
  • the daily sales events which start at 8 a.m. every day and feature savings of up to 75%
  • the regular email blasts to both loyal and new customers 
  • the iPPad, Android and IPhone applications

The downsides of HauteLook include:

  • the sheer number of items available and companies represented can be daunting and overwhelming
  • shipping depends on the items ordered - there are no clear-cut shipping discounts or policies.  Also, you are not given your shipping and handling total until after you have entered all your billing and address information
  • it offers only a $10 credit when a friend is referred and makes a purchase whereas Ideeli offers $25

Ideeli is another online company which features the same offerings as both Chick Downtown and HauteLook.  It has many positive  shopping advantages including:

  • numerous brand offerings including Max Studio, Pfaltzgraff, Sony, Prada and Fendi
  • alerts of upcoming new brands are featured on the home page
  • regular sales events providing customers with phenomenal savings

The downside of the Ideeli site is that:

  • membership is required, making shopping on the site less efficient.  It is free but the time is takes to sign in and retrieve a forgotten password may deter potential customers
  • the volume of different brands is overwhelming - sometimes less is more, especially on the home page 
  • shipping and handling can increase the cost of a purchase dramatically.  For example, on a random $39 purchase, the shipping and handling charges were $9.95.    
Chick Downtown: Pricing & packages

The pricing levels at Chick Downtown are much more expensive than those of both HauteLook and Ideeli but all three sites offer amazing discounts on designer clothing, accessories and decor.  For example, at HauteLook, a VonVani wrap dress is marked down from $169 to $59.  A similar Nina Ricci wrap dress, regularly priced at $2,624 is on sale on the Chick Downtown site for $702. An Ark and Co. wrap dress is marked down from $84 to $39 at Ideeli.    

The free shipping is a major plus when Chick Downtown customers are deciding on a purchase - no shipping costs may mean that shoppers can choose the more expensive alternative. 

HauteLook's daily sales events at up to 75% off can provide customers with some major cost-cutting purchases. Ideeli, the least expensive site, features various sales but the duration of the events vary according to the season and brands. 

Chick Downtown: Product images & screenshots
Chick Downtown Coupons
Get Get 75% off @ Chick Downtown
Chick Downtown: Customer reviews & comments

Shoppers have many accolades for Chick Downtown including:

"Not that any of us Fabionistas need another amazing online shop to splurge at, but I'm just doing my job! is the baby of Amy Reed, whose mission is to bring us a unique and pleasurable shopping experience. Her list of designers include Alice + Olivia, Mara Hoffman, Diane Von Furstenberg, Thread Social, and the list goes on. Be sure to also check out her blog, which gives background information for curious shoppers." - Fabsugar

"One thing that continues to worry new customers about is the authenticity of the products. It’s pretty hard to believe that some of the prices attached to the designer items displayed in the store are legitimate. However, in the “About Us” tab, ChickDowntown backs up all of its products wholeheartedly. Simply by eliminating the middle man and purchasing their stock directly from worldwide distributors, ChickDowntown is able to offer the absolute lowest prices. None of the products offered have ever been used, and they are authentic name brand items, not knock-off replicas."- Hypercup

Some concerns from other customers about missing items and poor customer service include:

"I have placed several orders with Chickdowntown, and it seems like everytime something has gone wrong and I receive the wrong order, and I can't get my money back. I have had a gift certificate to there for about 2 years now, and have tried to order about 10 different items with the gift certificate, and each time I place my order, it never gets shipped out. When I contact them to inquire about the order (good luck getting in touch with anybody), they just say that the item is out of stock (totally untrue, I think they just don't want me to use my gift certificate). However, this last time I tried to use my gift certificate, they actually sent something out to me, unfortunately it was not even close to what I ordered. This last order was from 12/15/09, and to this day I still have not been able to get in touch with them about fixing the problem." - Pissed Customer

Comments from new management assures their customers that their customer service will only get better:

"As the owner of, I am extremely saddened by everything I have read. Over the last year, we have expanded extremely fast—from a small boutique in Pittsburgh, to an online retailer that gets over 6 million monthly page views—and it is upsetting to see how many people have been affected by our growing pains. Rapid increases in traffic, internal hiring mistakes, as well as supply issues have only escalated the problem. I am, however, committed to making things right. " - Amy Reed at Complaints Board


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Some good research went into this one. Nicely done.

Well done, lots of information..voted

Good review of this site. I will have to check this site out further when I have the time.

It's good to see that someone from the company has responded to customer comments.  Maybe they'll figure out their problems and fix it.  Well done.

Good review. Thank you Sheryl

Great honest review of the store.

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