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BLK DNM is a New York Based fashion brand started few years ago by Swedish designer Johan Lindeberg. The company mainly concentrates on denim products. Their brilliant collection does not necessarily conform to fashion season for denim can be worn all year round without restriction, plus they release new collection from time to time. Those new items are launched constantly adding up to their growing list of fabulous products for people on the go.

Their product line includes:

Their website looks gloomy which reflects a minimalist characteristic. The background of the homepage is mostly black which can be immediately associated with their brand name. From there on,   clicking on any of the product categories,  located on the lower portion of the screen,  allows visitors to view the impressive collection that  Lindeberg has so far for BLK DNM. Those categories are:

The first two sections contain wide selection of classy fashion wear. Their leather items, specially the jackets are definitely eye catcher with its modern design. As jeans are their core product, not mentioning them would be an insult. The design, cut and fit of their jeans truly define them as a fashion brand that redefines the way a pair of jeans can be worn. Below are the styles of jeans that they specialized to:

The last category, mentioned above, contains products from the recent team up of BLK DNM and MOSCOT. The team-up produced a new collection of sleek sunglasses. Keeping in line with both companies’ minimalist style, they produced sunglasses that could perfectly go with the products BLK DNM is known for.

BLK DNM: What makes it different?

BLK DNM stands out for the authentic style of their products. Their line of jeans is too flexible and can be paired with almost anything from basic shirts to formal clothing, especially for men.  If you are a punk or just want to make you own fashion statement, their chic leather jackets are highly recommended as a pair to your jeans.

Below are the reasons that make BLK DNM great at what they do:

Classy Contemporary Designs that Transcends Overtime

As I’ve been mentioning, the designs of their product are outstanding. The only way to believe me is to them so it is a must that you head straight to their website.

Discount and Email Updates

Just sign up to their email alerts and receive 15% off on your first purchase. Once subscribed, you will automatically receive email on the latest events sale. BLK DNM assures you that your information will be held confidential and will never be shared with another company without your consent.

Denim Fit Guide

This online tool allows user to find the proper fit that they are looking for. Located on their homepage, the section contains video presentations by no less than the founder himself to assist user in determining which cut of jeans will compliment their style and figure.

Detailed Product Description

Upon selecting the product you are interested on, the next will lead you to the product description. The description is detailed enough to let you understand what to expect on the item once you received it. Materials used, fit and care instruction are normally part of the description.

High Quality Product Photos

Each product is photographed using high definition cameras to ensure that the user will be able to see a more detailed picture of the actual product. If you want to view the back side of the product or zoom the picture to further see the details, both are possible as their search engine has those capabilities.

Free Shipping for Continental US

Whatever the total of your order is, BLK DNM will ship them to your door step free of shipping charge.

Standard Ground Shipping - FREE

2-Day Express - $15.00

Overnight - $ 30.00

International Shipping at an Affordable Cost

BLK DNM currently has the capability to ship internationally to more than 120 countries. The shipping charge is $34.00 for Canada and $37.00 in all other territories. Transient period is normally 2-3 business days for Canada and 5-7 business days for the rest of the countries they ship to.

BLK DNM vs. primary competitors (sites similar to BLK DNM)

The Denim Shop is an online shop that specializes on denims just like BLK DNM. Unlike the later though, this shop retails different brands. The hot brands that they have include the likes of Yellow Box, The North Face, LTB Denim and many others. One advantage of this company is that they sell shoes in addition to their jeans and tops.  This is great since shoes compliments jeans making them a shop for you basic fashion needs and not just for your apparels alone.  Unfortunately, you may not be able to enjoy free shipping all the time as they only offer it for orders of $100 and above.  Another advantage of BLK DNM over this competitor is their retail stores. Since they have a couple of branches, some customers may have the opportunity to shop for their products personally.  

Jean Shop was founded in 2003 by Eric Goldstein, Gene Montesario and Barry Perlman.  They have two retail stores and a website where their items can be purchase.  They have a wide inventory of men’s and women’s wears. Their products include Jeans, Jackets, Shirts and Accessories.  When the number of products is in question, this store will outnumber BLK DNM for they have belts, denim bags and leather bags in addition to the products found in BLK DNM.  The inclusion of belts and bags is logical for jeans are normally worn with belt then a properly selected bag will complete the get-up. The only negative thing that I noticed on their website is that they do not have a sale section unlike the two previously mentioned companies. The sale section is supposed promote additional visitors for most customers shop online with the expectation that they can save.

BLK DNM: Pricing & packages

Product pricing greatly affects the sales performance of a company. BLK DNM is not so impressive on this department. Their products are rather pricey.  The high prices of their product are just expected from a luxury brand and they just offset it by making unquestionably high quality products in unique designs.  Between the three companies discussed on this review, The Denim Shop is the winner when pricing is concern.

The table below is the tabulated prices of some of the products found on BLK DNM, The Denim Shop, Jean Shop.


The Denim Shop

Jean Shop

Leather Jacket 6, 100% leather


Zac Jean by Silver Jeans Company


Denim Jacket, 100% cotton


Jeans 5 Thmpsn Black


Striking-Prepare in Dark Brown by Skechers


Deep Indigo Slim Men’s Jeans


Jeans 5 Grnd Blue


M Half Dome Hoodie in TNF Red/Grape by The North Face


Men’s Logo Tee


Tux Pants 6, 100% wool


Downforce Long Sleeve Woven in White by Affliction


Embrossed Border Belt, 100% leather


Coat 6, 85% wool and 15% nylon


Phalton Jean by Buffalo


Signature Leather Tote, 100% leather


Jeans Shirt 1 Hnry Blue


Long Sleeve Tee in Grey by Tresics


Stretch Skinny Women’s Jeans


Cardigan 6, 100 cashmere


Satire in Brown by Rocket Dog


White Mid-Rise Women’s Jeans


Rounded frame Sunglasses 1


LS Wide Collar Jacket by My Michelle


Authentic Motorcycle Women’s Jacket


BLK DNM: Product images & screenshots
BLK DNM Coupons
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BLK DNM: Customer reviews & comments

Customer reviews play an important role in maintaining a company's good reputation. To maintain a good standing in a market where competition is very tight, it is a must that a company will do everything it can to keep their customer satisfied. BLK DNM is good at keeping their followers happy. They've been getting positive ratings and feedbacks from their buyers and expectation for them is high. 

Below are sample reviews for BLK DNM: 

          Leather Bomber Jacket

"If you look, it has all the trappings of an old Eisenhower jacket. The bomber jacket in this form became popular after World War II. In the ’50s and ’60s, greasers and punks and classicists wore it and it became that iconic jacket and it has never lost that pedigree, but it's definitely cut slimmer for a new clientele. It's a very thick leather, he specifically wants you to buy it, wear it on your motorcycle, shopping on a Sunday, whatever. He wanted it to be trim but thicker leather. You need to beat this up. This jacket, you'll have for 20 years." - Jim Moore, GQ Creative Director


"The three sunglasses produced by the Scandinavian iconoclast and the American eyewear icon are sleek yet chunky with gently tinted lenses in brown, green, and gray that contrast nicely with their jet-black frames. But what makes these summer essentials stand out are the thin metal inserts in the corners, the only ornamentation on these minimalist gems that will look great accessorizing anything from a T-shirt and jeans to a fine black suit."- By Adam Janofsky 

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