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1995 was the year when Alternative Apparel was born. And since then, it has gone too far already being considered as one of the leading apparel brands. As what they often say in their posts "each piece embodies our commitment to comfort, craftsmanship, community, and authenticity." With the success of this company, there is no doubt that this line from then became visible to their buyers.

Bulleted below are some of their main products for men, women, and accessories:




Alternative Apparel: What makes it different?

Alternative apparel has had thousands of competitors along their way to the great success they are having now. Some of their competitors have stayed for good, and some did not have enough power, shall I say, to continue. In this industry, competitors cannot be avoided, but here are some reasons to show you why Alternative Apparel has gone this far, and why their buyers stayed with them along the way.

  1. Alternative Apparel has built a good, strong name in their industry
  2. It is a company not only of clothes but also of good ethics
  3. It sticks to all their posts, and makes sure that their buyers see that
  4. It is able to maintain a good relationship with their buyers
  5. Customer service is great
  6. It offers stylish products of their genre
  7. Delivery is never a problem
  8. There are discounts whole year round
Alternative Apparel vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Alternative Apparel)

As what was tackled earlier, competitors never vanish in this kind of business. Many business-minded people out there strive hard to be able to put up their own clothing store as well. And over the years, Gramicci and 80s Purple were the 2 other successful clothing stores that were considered as tough competitors of Alternative Apparel. Let's take a closer look on the similarities and differences of these 3 shops.

These three companies merchandise fashion clothes, both for men and women. You can shop conveniently on their website while being guided by a customer service representative. All of them accept major credit and gift cards for the payments, however, 80's Purple considers other options like Paypal, checks, and miscellaneous payment options. They all ship worldwide and fees vary by location.

Alternative Apparel and 80's Purple allows a 30-day return policy while Gramicci considers 21 days only.

Discounts are definitely offered by these three clothing apparel companies. Though amounts vary by season, quantity of orders, and some special agreements like sign up discount coupons and for giving a feedback.

Prices of their products are quite different too. But depending primarily on the brand, material, and design, prices may either be higher or lower.

Alternative Apparel: Pricing & packages

When talking about product prices, there are many points to look at rather than just the brand. Points such as materials used for making the product, and the intricacy of its design are very significant for many shoppers. Of course, if a certain design is a hit, then most probably it will be more expensive. Below is a small version of price comparison among Alternative Apparel, Gramicci, and 80s Purple.

  • Long Sleeve (men's)

Alternative Apparel: $34.00

Gramicci: $30.80

80s Purple: $49.00

  • Skirts

Alternative Apparel: $39.99

Gramicci: $27.30

80s Purple: $36.00

  • Pants

Alternative Apparel: $38.00

Gramicci: $49.00

80s Purple: $ 78.00

Alternative Apparel: Product images & screenshots
Alternative Apparel Coupons
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Alternative Apparel: Customer reviews & comments

Alternative Apparel's customers never fail to spread their great experience with this store. And based on the scattered reviews all over the internet, many buyers have said that the products they bought from Alternative Apparel were all worth the price. The materials used are not worn out easily. New comers are also glad for they have a wide array of stylish products to choose from. Shipping and payment concerns are also easily fixed due to the accessible customer service. Aside from the lack of information resources online, and despite the fact that some are not pleased with the services offered, everything else is smooth for this shop.

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Get Up To 50% Off Select Alternative Apparel Clothing Items @ Alternative Apparel
Get 30% Off on Sale Items @ Alternative Apparel
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